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Your very own software startup.

we deliver the product, you run the business

Building software products is hard ⚡

The software-as-a-service market is worth 145 billion dollars. Everybody wants a piece of it, but few people have the skillset to code and build products. Instead of wasting time and money starting from scratch, you can buy pre-build software from our app store and start your very own software startup in less than a week.

Customisable & Fast

Our developers will work with you to install the software, add your branding and set up payment gateways - all within 10 days.

Full Control

You will receive the full source code. You can hire your own team in the future to manage and upgrade the software.

Development Support

You will receive documentations to operate the software and will have lifetime access to our developers for any technical help.

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You are one step away from being a software entrepreneur.

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