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Case Study –

Oniwallet (oniwallet.com) is a privacy web-based cryptocurrency hot wallet and exchange platform. Startup Boost was engaged to develop the hot wallet system of the platform. The project was completed within 2 weeks and Oniwallet was operational within 30 days.

The client wanted the landing page to appeal to a young demographic who are passionate about cryptocurrency as well as privacy.

The client wanted the privacy wallet to be simple, minimalistic and to support BTC/ETH/USDT transactions.

The client consulted us for monetization strategies and they decided to settle on a commission-based platform transaction fee (1% withdrawal fee) for their business. The client was quoted $40,000 SGD by a local-based firm and $18,000 USD by an India-based firm. Startup Boost took this project for 50-80% cheaper than what was quoted to them and finished at half the time proposed. We wish the best to the Oni wallet team – and will be working with them for their upcoming roadmaps.

This project was lead by Adam, our principal consultant who is a solidity (Ethereum-based) developer. He has over 2 years of experience building crypto-based products.

Looking to start a business idea? Contact Adam at +65 90056155 today.

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